Friday, July 11, 2008

Health Issues

Some people have expressed some concern about my health issues. Well, not grim, but not good. Thyroid will have to go whether it is cancerous or not, so that should work out OK. Liver problems are still being looked at, but most of a life spent in some of the less salubrious parts of the world means I probably should not be surprised.

Good news, BP responding to drugs, my heart is in good shape, and my cholesterol level is the envy of all who hear it.

I do not blame Cyndie's death for my health problems. At worst, it only exacerbated them. It is too easy to blame everything on that trauma. That said, last year at this time I was in perfect health, especially for an overweight smoker with a fondness for fried goodies. The truth is, I stopped taking care of myself for months after she died.

Anyway, I will survive. Cancer or just thyroid removal. Liver issues are a little more iffy, but they can also be treated, I hope.

Every time I talk to my kids, I say I love you. My health issues have not changed that, always done that.

I am coming out of the tunnel. Sometimes I walk, sometimes I run, and sometimes I am reduced to crawling. Whatever the speed, I am trying to get back into the sunlight.

Ciao all


ConcernedAbout said...

Jeffery, I recommend a book that I read 2 years ago called 'Ghost Rider' by Neil Peart (atheist and drummer for Rush). Neil lost his wife and child. The book is a diary of his journey through greif as he hid from the world on a solo motorcycle trek around the US. I think it might help.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

You may remember me as a Catholic from Pharyngula (Peter Rooke).

I would suggest reading "Malignant Sadness: The Anatomy of Depression" by Lewis Wolpert. He's an atheist by the way. You won't regret it.

You may also be interested in his "Six impossible things before breakfast, The evolutionary origins of belief" in which he stru

jtv said...

Hey jeff, just wondering about your comment on Pharyngula and your parting message. What is going on?

Sastra said...

"So much to read from charming and intelligent people, so much stupidity still to experience from the credulous. Alas, time has passed and I wave goodbye to all."

Ah, sorry to see you go -- and so sorry to read just now about your wife's death. I had no idea.

I don't know how you feel -- and have no suggestions to make on what to read -- but wish you only the best. I hope you come back to Pharyngula now and then anyway. I always enjoyed your charming and intelligent (and clever) posts. They will be missed.