Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Changes and changes

Well, off today to DC to seek a new job overseas. My other contract, which took me to Afghanistan, has been canceled so must look elsewhere.

One thing, I get to see two of my children, their spouses and two granddaughters on this trip. Looking forward to that. Also get to see a couple of old friends, some of whom may offer me a job.

So, about a nine hour trip via car from Charleston, SC to DC. This allows some time to think, but outside of the shell of this house and my current existence. I used to love car trips, now they hurt in an odd way. That empty passenger seat needs filled.


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Mrs Tilton said...

Hi, followed your link from Pharyngula to here. I certainly wasn't expecting what I found.

Nothing I can say other that I am very sorry at your loss and pain.