Sunday, April 27, 2008


My name is Jeffrey, I am in my mid - 50's, semi-retired, and at a confusing place in my life. My wife committed suicide in Nov 2007, after living with depression for most of her life. I don't know if any of this will be useful, but maybe just writing "out loud" about things will help. I hope so. Suicide leaves such a huge amout of debris in its wake. More to come.

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Dana Hunter said...

Hey, Jeffrey! You're not kidding about a confusing place. I can't even imagine.

For what it's worth, my tiny iota of being able to relate: My uncle committed a passive form of suicide many years ago (he was a diabetic, stopped taking his insulin, started eating as much sugar as possible, and of course was found dead a few days later). I'll never forget the look in my dad's eyes when he told me. I'll never forget the pain, or the anger, or the blame. I was too young to really know how to deal with either my emotions or the adults. All I could do was spend an interesting night yelling at my uncle in my head, until I heard his voice say, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

That helped. Even if it was just my own brain creating the dialogue, at least there was that small sense of closure. Still times when it's hard, though, and we barely knew each other.

Upshot: if you need a listening ear, this one's available, and will attempt not to say stupid and meaningless things.

It's been wonderful having you around the cantina. You're one of the best commenters I have. Hope to see you there often!